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No, I don't have a driver's license. What a way to start a journal, with a negative impact! Bam!
Honestly, we don't have a car in the family (is it like some pet?). My friends had their parents let them use their cars to drive around, I had to do with walking or taking a back seat while those friends drove us to cool and less accessible to public transportation places. I love the back seat or just being in a moving car, unless it's pushed off a cliff or something. Then I don't like it at all. I suppose death is painful and permanent, so no thanks. But I do enjoy a ride in a car and most certainly will get my driver's license soon enough when I get more outcome from doing art. It takes time and driving is not a top priority for me.
I thought of sharing some pedestrian stories with you guys and girls, to amuse and befuddle of course! I would certainly love to hear some stories from you as well.

I have 3 stories to share with you. With conclusions and helpful and articulate points, or not really. Up to you to decide.

First story is from last week. I've seen a woman who decided to cross the street while the lights were red, that probably means a no go or something. The street she was crossing is one of the central ones in the most central place in Tel-Aviv and she just crossed with her face glued to her phone, rather oblivious of her surroundings and not even glancing sideways to check for traffic that was hungrily speeding home after their 9-5 job. I think I skipped a heartbeat as I saw her mindlessly attempt the crossing but the drivers stopped right on time and honked angrily at her, startling her as she twisted her head around and realized her mistake and looked at the angry and terrified drivers and then plunged back into her phone again, while resuming her crossing in the same pace as before. Nothing changed, just an another day in the fine country of near death experiences. Startling, but it seems like she didn't give a minute's pause from her phone to even consider the possibility that she almost died just now! Mustn't miss those important updates on Facebook!
Is the information fix more important than watching out for yourself? I'd say no but I wouldn't go and ban the practice of walking and checking your phone. Laws like this sadly don't fix anything and such a law is currently in process in Israel.

Stress, something I've experienced and let out rather negatively before. I'll share a personal story of something rather embarrassing that happened to me a couple of months ago because of stress and wrong thinking on my part. This is my second story.
I was coming back from college, it takes me about an hour to get back home. I was a couple of streets away from my home and I crossed a street, while I did so a driver came zooming from behind me on the road perpendicular to the one I was crossing and turned left to where I was crossing, obviously wanting to keep driving in his speedy manner. I surprised him by being the solid pedestrian that I am while crossing the road halfway. He hit the breaks and stopped of course, but that scared the hell out of me. Anger boiled up real quick inside me and I flipped him a bird!
A big one as my middle finger is rather long, you can't miss a beautiful sign such as this. Oh yeah, take that you naughty driver, armed with your 1.5+ tons of polished metal killing machine!
Lucky for me, he didn't just press his foot down to accelerate but let me cross, but as soon as I crossed he parked his car nearby and stepped out and started transgressing towards me, holding his hands really wide (much like a gorilla) and demanding to know why I flipped him a bird. Like he didn't know! So I explained to him in my calm manner that he almost hit me, he wasn't satisfied. In fact, I had the idea he really wanted to punch me but thought better of it. Instead I got a mysterious claim from him that I certainly am not aware of who he is, something that he was absolutely correct about. And that I shouldn't mess with him, probably correct again. Plenty of crazy people out there and I'm rather fond of my body remaining in a perfect physical shape without any harm done to it. So he walked to back to his car, and I shouted at him rather stupidly that he almost drove over me and that he should apologize at least. Bold and stupid is a new combination to me, I don't know where it came from.
What I really had was a strong feeling that our little talk was incomplete and that I felt rather dissatisfied by letting him go so freely back to his car. He walked back to me, ready to pounce. Stretching my arms defensively in front of me I told him to calm down and he mentioned something about me not repeating the offense again, spirits were slowly calmed down to a less violent degree and he went back to his car and drove away. Not the first time I manage to calm a really angry person like that, it might be a gift.
I was extremely silly in that situation and that could have ended badly but I learned my lesson.

Third and last story is of carelessness on a weird level. Not completely weird, I'm sure these things happen all the time and are regarded as minor things but the damage can be severe at times.
My father was riding his bicycle to the grocery shop that was located far away from home. As I know him and the road he was riding, he wasn't riding very fast. The road is flat and my father prefers riding in a steady and medium and professional looking velocity.
As he was riding, a car's door opened suddenly, giving no time to respond as he hit it and was flung by the sheer force off his bicycle's crash and onto the door. Something jutting on the inside part of the door hit him in the shoulder real bad during the impact and punctured it, causing some serious damage and bleeding that was later treated with a few memorable stitches. The driver lady was oblivious of him, careless to check if anyone or anything was driving past her.
I have seen it before, it's a weird case of morning rush and carelessness. On a tiny almost rural street back during the days of an archive job I was doing, a column of cars was making their slow way to work. Some parking driver decided to open his car's door and that door was met with a car speeding by, although rather slowly. The car's door bent rather awkwardly and shouts and accusations were followed promptly.

Back to the story of my father. He proceeded to sue the lady who didn't lend any help to my father and hurt him real bad by opening her car's door without any regard. She was obviously in the wrong and he proceeded to win the case rather easily.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll behave as a driver myself but I do intend on keeping my eyes peeled for danger. I know from what I'd seen that it's sometimes really crazy out there and almost every driver I've rode with seems to be on the edge of inventing new curse words every time they take the wheel into their hands. I prefer that to the nonchalant and too calm driver. Or the crazy stunt driver, somebody who I had the unpleasant experience to be in the car with for about 2 minutes.

So what are your traffic and pedestrian stories? Do tell.

Cheers, next journal will be more motivational than this!

Sir Towel the Salty, or, Vlad D.
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What are your close calls as a pedestrian or a driver? 

25 deviants said Almost got hit once!
10 deviants said None, all's fine and dandy.
7 deviants said Was hit and survived (obviously).
3 deviants said Almost hit somebody...
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