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BloodMeat page three is out!
To get to Berlin fast on the autobahn, both of the wizards take the magic solution and skate on to find the hip boysters, to give them what they deserve.
Started using Habitica for my daily and long term tasks, pretty cool website. You can level a character there and buy equipment, gives chores and goals a nicer edge.
Almost done with the new page of Bloodmeat, flat colors and so almost done. Will probably post it rather late today (22:00 +2GMT time) :D
Lines for the new BloodMeat comics page are done, will be posted tomorrow :)!


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
My new comics is out in large, updated every Thursday. You can check it out, subscribe and like for support. I appreciate every bit of love I get from you guys and girls! Read about the wizards Bloodcurls and Meatneck, BLOODMEAT COMICS.

My personal story:
I absolutely love digital painting, although I started with pencils and pens I fell in love with photoshop during my first doodle using this amazing piece of software.
In June 2011 I started practicing art daily with high hopes of becoming a professional after dropping out of a Computer Science degree (that I completely failed), against all odds I kept on drawing and painting although I didn't always have a steady source of income or any income at all at times, nor did I get the support that would have helped me. Nevertheless, I kept on drawing and painting, there was nothing else I could have done.
Doing art has become a strong habit that nowadays I can't live without, and my drive to become a professional artist has given me the option to earn a living doing what I love.

Salty on other platforms:

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Hey folks! Except for me getting my comics going on (which you can read  here), having a good and steady freelance work, moving out and basically starting out my adult life officially by supporting myself 100%.
I have now added a couple of piggies under my wing as well. Yes, pics are a must here.
20160124 222657 by saltytowel
(The royalty and the PM)
20160124 222736 by saltytowel
(King George)
20160124 222725 by saltytowel
(Tony Blair)
Cutest bastards ever, they are now friendly with me after sharing a living space with me for a couple of months or so. Still flighty like rabbits, but have warmed up to me immensely since I got them.
I don't usually talk about pets that much, I consider that smalltalk and it grows on me rather quickly. But I had to introduce those two, since they are my flatmates right now, although they don't pay rent, they do provide loads of entertainment and help finish my vegetables.
A short story about them two.

First I bought George and this got me into the piggie raising business, not that I make any money out of it. But it really is a business. I had to buy a lot of things to just start. While the Guinea Pig was cheap to afford, all the required accessories were more expensive. Still, cheaper than raising a dog.
I had to learn a lot about guinea pigs (I still do), watch a lot of guinea pig videos (for educational value of course), get frustrated with their flighty behavior and give them attention everyday. Plus I had to get into the habit of feeding and caring for these living creatures daily.
As I said, I first bought George, the checkered black and white guinea pig with his nice hairdo, and I was told in the store that he's a male. Good enough. After having George for three weeks, my girlfriend suggested that a single guinea pig is a lonely guinea pig. My research pointed at this direction as well. Lo and behold, I went out and bought Tony, specifically asking for a male. He was a really small thing, a junior guinea pig.
Oh the joy. I went against the grain, and introduced Tony to George as soon as I got home with Tony (don't do that, the new piggy should get some time to adjust to the new environment before introducing him or her to other piggies that are already adjusted). The first thing that happened during their first date was George purring rather oddly and moving in a very slow fashion, like he was sneaking. The second thing that happened was the two of them circling each other, like a ying and yang symbol. The third and most alarming thing was Tony starting to hump George, rather in an inexperienced fashion, from both sides and then from behind.
What? What is this?

Two males, humping. How about things work according to plan for a change?
That's not what I expected. Is George... a female? Goddamn! I separated them very quickly indeed, having bought a second cage with Tony just in case (whew!) and fearing that Tony might get George impregnated (an unwanted result and a dangerous one indeed).
Crap. I was fooled by the store! I even researched it, and yes, apparently that's the sound that the females make when in heat and a male is nearby. What a huge mistake! What am I going to do? Except maybe spay George (who was now being rechristened as Georgina) or castrate Tony (sorry mate!).
The safer option was for Tony to lose his guinea pighood and become a neuter. Spaying is relatively more dangerous since it involves more poking around internally. I took my time with Tony, let him adjust first, enough stress was put on the poor little fellow who only did what nature intended him to do. Plus, castrating isn't a thing I want to do lightheartedly. I had to think.
A day or two before calling the vet to set up a meeting to check if Tony's green for castration, I decided to try and meet between the two piggies again. I put them on my desk, very nicely fluffed up with comfortable towels. They met, oh the excitement, they were reassured they weren't alone in the world once again! This time, an odd thing happened. Georgina, who was a female for me now (it was really hard to adjust myself to addressing her as a female now) started chasing Tony and successfully humping him and yet still purring in that odd purr. What is this madness? Can guinea pig females do that?
Thing turns out that two male guinea pigs will try to hump each other to establish dominance, luckily we humans don't go into similar rituals. That would be completely out of context.
George successfully humped Tony, who was a free spirit before that. Now Tony became a beta male in their small gang of two, however, earning a friend and a cuddle mate along the process.
And the purring? That was a challenge. George was challenging Tony. I mean, alpha male George. King George, his royal pigginess.
That's the story, now they don't hump each other at all although George purrs in that strange fashion to remind Tony who owns him but nothing happens. Tony just goes about his business, mostly eating. Yeah, they mostly eat and hide. That's what their life is about. Eating, hiding and converting grass to more guinea pigs.
That's their story.

Other than that, I have some more updates.
I'll be attending the Berlin Schoolism workshop this April, it's going to be a blast from what I see. I'll be attending the workshop with my girlfriend and another two friends, hopefully to learn much and meet legendary artists from the industry and beg them to sign my t-shirt.
I'm also taking a Schoolism course right now (a Schoolism boy through and through, eh?) on light and color by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo. Really a great course, taking it with a friend which helps me learn a bit more.

My friend Guy :iconsave-the-dinosaurs: did an animation of my new comics character, Meatneck, check him out! He's a really cool dude and we help each other a lot with critique, overpaints and just helping each other. He's the master of memes basically. Plus, he loves to paint dinosaurs and creatures. You gotta check a man like that out.
BloodMeat Fan art animation - wizards Meatneck by Save-The-Dinosaurs
(Meatneck, the silly wizard)

That's all for now, thank you for reading my journal and have an awesome rest of the week!
Sir Towel the Salty (Vlad D.)

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