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I absolutely love digital painting, although I started with pencils and pens I fell in love with photoshop during my first doodle using this amazing piece of software.
In June 2011 I started practicing art daily with high hopes of becoming a professional after dropping out of a Computer Science degree (that I completely failed), against all odds I kept on drawing and painting although I didn't always have a steady source of income or any income at all at times, nor did I get the support that would have helped me. Nevertheless, I kept on drawing and painting, there was nothing else I could have done.
Doing art has become a strong habit that nowadays I can't live without, and my drive to become a professional artist has given me the option to earn a living doing what I love.

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I don't consider myself popular on deviant art, because in reality, I'm not. What a surprise! Anyway, I hope I'll never be but simultaneously I also hope that I will at some point manage to attract more people to my art and do become popular. It's not good to have contradictions going on in your head like this, so I'll go with more popularity or fame or whatever you may call it. But none of this really matters! As the point of this journal is once again that I'm late in replying to comments similarly as I'm late to doing the dishes in my new apartment!
Yes, I moved out of my parents' apartment to live on my own in a different city, virtually 40-50 minutes of walk away from my parents. So no that far away, but now I'm taking more responsibility on those hunched shoulders of mine that just want to move and not hang still while I draw again for hours and hours. 
I'm glad I'm not an artist's shoulders, although they are a part of me. Weird thoughts. Shoulders.

Moving out was the best idea I ever had, for about 3 years now. What a weird thing is this to have the best idea and not to act on it for years? Yes, fear comes in and knocks your silly buttocks into paralysis. That's not nice, change is important, my sweet and very useful (but sometimes treacherous) brain. It is mighty important to change, but it's so hard to actually act upon it. Being the master of lists and preparations myself I know how hard it is to actually bring things into doing.
However, there is light at the end of this procrastination tunnel, this new change of environment in my new apartment and the complete shift of responsibilities to me, changed everything. The way I view time, the way I do things, motivation doesn't exist anymore, there is only the pure and liquid (think of lava) need to create and thrive. Some survival instincts are finally kicking in as well, although I'm not below or close to the red line of danger. Far from it, things appear to be thriving and I appear to do the same. How lucky, or is it not luck?

Being on your own, hell, I wish I had an insight like this back then. I wish you could travel through time for a mere second of future time to experience something you are so afraid of so that the action you are so afraid of taking would be much easier. The future is great, it waits for you to change in order for it to begin. If you wait for too long, like a ripe fruit discarded and ignored for too long, it'll mold up and possibly rot away. Ewww.
It's tough making decisions like this one, but decision making is a muscle that needs exercise and less cuddle time under secure wings of others and their decision making mechanisms.
Personal responsibility, the best thing that ever happened to me basically. I can feel tiny wings growing from my back, like tiny Brussels sprouts.

Before moving out to live on my own, sweet girlfriend of mine and myself traveled around Europe a bit. Met some people, but mostly explored places. We've visited Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, Prague, Brussels and Amsterdam. All great places, except for maybe Brussels which felt a bit too not cared for in comparison to other cities, although the main tourist areas were extraordinary.
Five weeks in total, I'm dying to go on a trip like this again, visiting different cities this time and meeting up with more people, and drawing and drawing and drawing.

Yis, back to deviant art business. I'm working on replying to comments, I'm feeling that all those comments that I get require thoughtful replies, well, most of them anyway (sorry "Thanks for the fav" comments!). This takes some of my time and focus, but I think it's important to stay in contact with people who show you that they care about your art with their comments. And also my polls that get comments require similar attention, thank you for always participating, I appreciate that a lot!

I think of streaming regularly, perhaps it might be useful to you guys and girls. I'm not sure, there is so much streaming going on right now that I don't know how to distinguish myself. Maybe you have suggestions? Nothing with nudity on my part of course.

Anyway, this will be all for now, cheers and I wait for your comments eagerly <3
Vlad SaltyTowel D. (Sir Towel)
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What job will you never agree to do? 

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