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Hi! It's the weekend again, still pretty humid and hot over here. So after reading :icondamaimikaz:'s journal I decided to make a 50 random facts (fats) meme about... myself! Let the self love begin.

50 random facts about me

01. Saltytowel, my username means that I love the sea and after you swim in the sea and wipe the salty waters off you with a towel, you get a salty towel. Clever, eh?
02. For the first time I was popular in 1st grade when I'd bring a science book for children to class and read it to whoever listened, the other kids really loved it.
03. For the second time I was popular was in 6th grade when I discovered I could draw pokemon really well from imagination and drew countless of pokemons on other kids' back of the shirts. That was fun!
04. I really remember my first amazement with art while reading a bible for kids that had really great illustrations. I kinda believed in the stories back then but the art kept me going and I wouldn't turn to the next page without first finishing the previous one and then staring at the art for very long moments. Also I remember a really funny drawing of Jesus standing next to a door and knocking on it without anyone answering, I thought that was funny.
05. I was born in Ukraine and moved with my parents to Israel when I was 8. They had a choice to go to Germany but instead chose to go to Israel, I don't think it was a wise decision.
06. I served 3 compulsory years in the military and hated it, I tried many times to leave but was unsuccessful (didn't try hard enough).
07. Since June 2011 I drew everyday, even if for a few minutes.
08. I never received any pocket money and the concept for me is foreign.
09. My first ever job was washing dishes in a cafe called Aroma.
10. I own a fashion illustration book that I bought to learn how to draw clothes.
11. Video games are really great in my opinion, although I'm losing my excitement about them and prefer to do art instead or read.
12. My three favorite video games that you might recognize are "Thief: The dark project", "Bastion" and "Fallout 2".
13. A game I really loved and spent over 10,000+ hours playing doesn't have any graphics and is called "Materia Magica". It's a MUD game and I still sometimes cherish my memories of that game.
14. I studied Computer Science for three semesters in the university before turning to do art professionally.
15. Motivation, creativity and doing what you love are probably my favorite subjects to speak of although everything pretty much is permitted.
16. I have more or less documented my progress in art since June 2011 and it can be found here.
17. The best thing that ever happened to me art wise was to challenge myself with environments, having been drawing characters only before that. The journey was rough and still goes on.
18. My first dA username was :iconcase0thrives:.
19. Once I owned an intuos4 but sold it online to some guy because I thought I might go into mechanical engineering and needed the extra cash. What a waste!
20. My first ever tablet was given to me as a gift by a friend I met in the military. It served me for about 1.5 years.
21. I think jobs are a sad thing, even in the art industry. I strive to create something of my own, working on it daily!
22. I have a cockatiel parrot by the name of Hamudi, meaning cutie in English. I called him so because it's the only name he responded to with a cheerful chirp.
23. I had dreams of becoming a superstar programmer, I don't want that anymore. In the military I told one of the superior officers when we had a talk that I wanted to quit the military because I don't contribute at all and it's better for me to get started on my programmer career rather than waste time. He wasn't pleased.
24. I love dA and I think it's a really great platform for spreading your art <3
25. My feet soles have a really high arch, they used to hurt real bad when I was jogging. My girlfriend refers to my feet as "David's feet, as in the statue of David".
26. One of my pleasures in life is meeting new people. Unless they're not passionate.
27. I worked at an archive job for two years and was offered a draftsman job with a really high salary that I refused because it would interfere with my art. I never regretted this although people think it was unwise, honestly, it's none of their business :)
28. I make decisions that challenge me and put me out of my comfort zone, I think that's the best way to grow as a human being.
29. I don't like being ordered around or told what to do.
30. When I was about 6 I almost got hit by a train because I was standing on the train tracks and waving to my friends who were going to a lake I wasn't permitted to go to, I didn't notice the oncoming train and luckily the driver spotted me and stopped. I was really scared and the driver spanked me, gee, thanks sociopath train driver.
31. I love photoshop, love drawing with it more than with anything else. Even the brushstrokes and seeing the color appear makes me happy.
32. I'm a vegetarian but I don't really care if you eat meat.
33. Gloomy weathers are the best, I grin when the first rains come.
34. Simple pleasures such as feeding the ducks, watering trees or playing a catch game make me happy.
35. It angers me to see parents ordering their children around like they were some robots, sometimes I talk to those parents about it.
36. Yes, I'm planning to be a father in 5-6 years. However, there is still much to do before that!
37. I have a layout for a short graphic novel and the first chapter fleshed out, however I'm still thinking if the format of a graphic novel is innovative and sufficient enough.
38. In highschool I majored in computer science and physics, I hated physics.
39. When I studied for the final physics exams in grade 12, I listened to Metallica's "Nothing else matters" in a loop for hours for nearly a week to try and induce a learning trance. It didn't work, but I still love the song. A week after the last physics exam I got enlisted in the military.
40. I kept a little journal that was well hidden during boot camp to write down ideas of how to escape the army. My favorite one was boarding a ship illegally and going to Cyprus.
41. I'm really good with names, I think people who aren't are either not giving enough effort or simply don't care. Only a handful of people aren't actually good at remembering names and can't do anything about it. Just my humble opinion.
42. Silence, I need it at least once a day for half an hour of zero communication. Love it, helps me focus and restore vital energy.
43. I learn only from mistakes, at least so does my experience dictates so far. I keep trying until I get great results, I almost never succeed on the first try.
44. For me, it's either art or death.
45. I don't have a driving license. Never cared for it, I prefer walking and don't like the culture of people honking for no reason.
46. I worked in the art industry a bit, and even though I was given a lot of creative freedom it still is not enough.
47. Love riding bicycles - best invention in the world. I despise the new electrical bicycles.
48. My shared theory is that every issue you have demands reflecting upon your childhood objectively and going to a therapist to help resolve the difficult experiences. That's how I slowly solve my own anxieties (fears of fear), fears, irrationality and procrastination.
49. I often check my pulse, it's a habit.
50. I love vegetables and fruits, as raw as they get whenever possible (excluding tubers and weird stuff like that - can't eat that raw).

Cheers, that was really fun. I advice you try that too if you have the time :)

Sir Towel the Salty.
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